New Release!

Baltimore Neighborhoods CoverI’m very excited to have you visit my newly revamped web site. I’m equally excited to have my newest book, Baltimore Neighborhoods, on bookshelves everywhere!

I am a “Balwmer Girl” through and through! I grew up in South Baltimore (before it put on airs and decided to call itself Federal Hill). All things historic have held my attention since I was a little girl, especially old houses. I blame my obsession on my parents. When I was eight years old they took me on a family vacation that included Newport, Rhode Island. Once I saw the summer “cottages” I was hooked! I guess as a little girl who grew up in a 900 sq. ft. rowhouse in Baltimore the size and grandeur of Newport homes was beyond my imagination.

It wasn’t until attending Seton High School in northern Baltimore City that I discovered Baltimore’s own grand homes. One day a friend drove me through Guilford and Roland Park to see the houses I didn’t know existed in my own hometown. Since that day I have been a firm believer in the road not taken. I have taken countless detours to see neighborhoods I didn’t know when traveling about the City. Often getting lost but always eventually finding my way home with renewed awe and interest in the City of my birth.

I hope that when you read Baltimore Neighborhoods you will find your own roads not taken and come away with a new appreciation for Baltimore.

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